Building solutions for new construction and renovation.

We’ll provide stairs, railings, sheds, balcony towers, stairwells, and emergency exits for private or public constructions.

In addition to our own product range, our designers can create a completely unique solution just for you. We also offer measuring and installation services, if needed. Most of our products have been designed so that you can also install them yourself.

Modustep Oy is a sister company of Premekon Oy, which is the leading provider of access way solutions in industry. The manufacturing of Modustep Oy products makes use of the extensive experience at Premekon Oy in 3D design as well as the opportunities offered by modern production equipment.

The company

As a company, Modustep Oy was established in 2011 and offers building solutions for new construction and renovation.

3D design and manufacturing knowhow together with modern production equipment enables Modustep to produce quality and stylistic products.

Excellent customer service together with quality products ensures a successful solution.

Modustep Oy

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